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PRESS RELEASE: Victorian Bareknuckle League Now On Kickstarter

Victorian Bareknuckle League is now live on Kickstarter!

A Kill Bill style revenge tale set against the backdrop of a steampunk street fighter tournament.

A tale of bloody knuckles and high crime set in a fantasy-era Victorian London. A gentle young lady witnesses the brutal murder of her lover at a bareknuckle bout and sets out for revenge. Aided by the world’s greatest detective she attempts to find those responsible before she becomes as violent and ruthless as the people she is fighting against.

Victorian Bareknuckle League has been written by creator Carl Jackson and an all-star artist cast. The book is penciled by Wolverine and Pathfinder artist Jake Bilbao with cover duties by DC Bombshells and Zenescope artist Maria L. Sanapo. It is all finished off in watercolours and gouache by illustrator Pika, giving the book a unique look and feel different to other titles currently on the market.

View a six page preview here.

The first 24 page issue of Victorian Bareknuckle League is live now on Kickstarter. To stay up to date with news and information visit us at, follow us on Twitter @vicbareknuck or sign up to the mailing list here.


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