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6 Reasons to Get Excited for Assassin’s Creed

The rush of blockbuster holiday films is almost coming to an end. But before we say goodbye to this season of films, there’s still one more that has yet to be released, and that’s Assassin’s Creed. Based off of the popular video game of the same name. This film could go either way in terms of popularity and critical reception. It’s the first of a supposed franchise and anything can happen. Still, regardless of the film’s overall success, there are certain elements we can’t wait to see.

6. The Cast


For a movie that is just starting a hopeful franchise, there are a lot of big name actors in this film. Michael Fassbender plays the lead and Jeremy Irons is playing Alan Rikkin. Even Marion Cotillard is in this film. While this cast by no means guarantees a good film, it’ll still be interesting to see how these performances play out. Will they be strong performances that could potentially save a bomb waiting to happen? Will they be absolutely terrible like several other well known high casted remakes? It could go either way at this point.

5. Historical Figures


Assassin’s Creed is known for incorporating historical figures throughout tits games. Brotherhood has Leonardo DaVinciBlack Flag includes Blackbeard, Mary Read, and Anne Bonny. All these figures tend to lean towards being allies of the Brotherhood. Because this film is taking place during The Spanish Inquisition, we can’t wait to see which historical figures will make their way into the story. Personally, we’re hoping for Ferdinand and Isabella and maybe even Christopher Columbus and Galileo depending on how far characters will be traveling.

4. The Story


One unique aspect to the start of this franchise is that it isn’t following any particular game. Assassin’s Creed will have its own story with its own characters and own historical setting. Yet, at the same time, there are characters from the video games that are in this film. Jeremy Irons’ character, Alan Rikkin, is the CEO of Abstergo, has already made an appearance in the first game.

But we have no idea how this will connect to the video games if it will at all. Does it take place before or after Desmond Miles’ adventures? Is this film going to offer insight into the current video game story lines? This story can go so many ways and has so much potential. Then again, it could also lack any sense of story and just be an extended stunt video. We’re okay with either of these options but would prefer they take full advantage of the story opportunities they have.

3. The Easter Eggs


With a beloved franchise such as Assassin’s Creed, there’s bound to be easter eggs hidden throughout the film. Rumours have already surfaced that weapons from previous assassins will make its way into the movie. But we expect a lot more as we finally get a film adaptation of such a big franchise.

2. The Stunts


If you go into this film with high expectations, I wouldn’t hold your breath. There’s a very good chance this film could be a bomb. But one thing you expect this film to get right are the stunts. In fact, this is the main reason to see this movie. Because if there’s one thing Assassins Creed fans expect, its seeing people jump off of buildings and assassinating people using the hidden blade. This film promises to deliver carriage chases, amazing fight sequences, and general ass kicking.

1. The Leap of Faith


This stunt gets a separate spot on the list for one simple reason: this stunt was performed without a digital double. Damien Walters, Michael Fassbender’s double, did the 125 foot free fall jump in one take. It’s said to be one of the highest free fall jumps performed by a stuntman in 35 films. There’s already a featurette dedicated to this monumental feat. If any stunt proves to be amazing, it will be this one. Of course, assuming they don’t plaster CG effects all over it.

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