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PRESS RELEASE: Morgan’s Organs Returns To Kickstarter

Morgan’s Organs returns to Kickstarter!

Following the successful Kickstarter campaign and launch of Morgan’s Organs #1, the team returns with a Kickstarter for the second book of this independent comedy comic book series. Morgan’s Organs follows university student Morgan, and the operators of his internal body systems as they struggle to work together to help him tackle all aspects of life and growing up. The premise behind Morgan’s Organs is simple: what if our bodily functions are actually controlled by micro-beings living within us? It’s like Pixar’s Inside Out but for grown-ups.

Morgan’s Organs is the result of more than three years of creative development by series writer Daniel Brodie. After initially pursuing the idea as a television series Daniel changed course and re-developed the concept as an ongoing comic book series, partnering with the talented artist Robert Jennex to handle all design elements. Together, these two Canadians, living 1,500 kilometers (900 miles) apart, raised more than $5,500CAD from over 175 backers in February 2016 to fund the design and printing of Book 1 of the series. Following overwhelmingly positive reviews for Book 1, they are intent on growing the series with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for Book 2.


“When I first started this journey of bringing Morgan’s Organs to life, I never would have thought people would respond so positively to the concept,” Daniel explains. “But I couldn’t attribute any of this success without Rob. It’s his incredibly fun, cartoony and at times absurd art style that really brings my writing and ideas to life.”

In Book 1 of the series, Morgan faced conflicting pressures from his friends and body parts to break a dry spell. The book explores what it means to be a part of the community and the possibility that our decisions are never completely our own. In Book 2, Morgan faces an entirely new problem: the presence of a foreign object in his body and the ramifications it will have on him and his organs. While the series does tackle mature themes suited to an adult audience, the main intention of Morgan’s Office is to say something honest about human nature from a fresh and humorous perspective.

For more information about Morgan’s Organs visit the official website, and follow Morgan’s Organs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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