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6 Reasons The LEGO Batman Movie Could Be the Best DC Movie of the Year

The LEGO Batman Movie is upon us as the first superhero movie of the year. The spin-off of The LEGO Movie looks to be a fun, fast paced film and full of Easter eggs and references for Batman and DC fans. Later this year will see the release of two more DC films with Wonder Woman and Justice League. Now do not get me wrong I am excited for these two films but I am way more excited for LEGO Batman, and am more excited for it then I was last year for Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. From the first trailer I have been taken in by the film’s combination of humour, references, and animation. Also being a fan of Will Arnett and his portrayal of the caped crusader from the original LEGO Movie helps. So The LEGO Batman Movie is my most anticipated DC movie this year but could it also be the best DC movie this year?  Hear is a list of reasons why The LEGO Batman Movie could end up being the best DC movie of 2017.

6. No Behind the Scenes Drama


Whether you enjoyed Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad or not, there is no denying the reception is not what Warner Bros. wanted and it has left them scrambling when it comes to the DCEU. From the reports of various cuts of Suicide Squad, to Justice League being changed during shooting, the fact The Flash has lost its director twice plus Ben Affleck dropping out of directing The Batman there is no denying there is issues behind the scenes of these films. While this doesn’t necessarily mean these movies will be bad, it is not a hopeful sign and could mean the films are a mess tone wise or plot wise. In contrast LEGO Batman has had none of these issues reported and it is probably freeing to have a DC film that is not tied to the other films.

5. The First LEGO Movie


Now let it be said that I did enjoy Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad. However I do think that they have a ton of issues and could have been better. On the other hand I loved The LEGO Movie and think it is one of the best animated films of the last few years. It is a hilarious, heartfelt, and genius movie. The meta story and humor makes it one of the most brilliant animated films recently and also make it surprising how good it was. If The LEGO Batman Movie is as half as good as the original LEGO Movie it will be a great film.

4. Batman History


One thing made pretty clear from the first trailers that the films will pull from the whole history of Batman.  From the Adam West era to the Batfleck era all versions of the Dark Knight will be up for grabs when it comes to humour and references. For fans of the Bat this will be a lot of fun to see all the different incarnations of one of their favourite characters together in one film.

3. Every Batman Villain EVER


Tying into the fact that the film will draw on all aspects of Batman’s history is also the fact that every Batman villain ever is in this movie. We will be seeing a lot of favourites that fans have been waiting for to see in a movie like Clayface and Mad Hatter, but the most obscure villains are in the movie too. Who ever though there would be a movie with Condiment King in it? Seeing the entirety of Batman’s rogue gallery, even in LEGO form, is going to be a delight for all Batman fans.

2. The Joker


This might only pertain to me, but those who read my top 10 characters article know that Joker is my all time favourite comic book character. So any movie with him in it is going to have a chance of being something I love. Luckily unlike with Suicide Squad he seems to have a bigger role in this movie and is even central to the plot so it should be better than his last outing on the big screen.

1. Fun


Now I have no problem with dark comic book movies, my all time favourite movie is The Dark Knight, but the recent DCEU movies have felt suffocatingly dark while The LEGO Batman Movie feels like a breath of fresh air. I think we are overdue for a fun, colourful DC movie and here comes LEGO to the rescue. While it is pretty ironic that the film focusing on Batman, the darkest of the mainstream superheroes, appears to be a ton of fun with the way the world is right now LEGO Batman may just be what we need right now.

So there they are – my reasons why The LEGO Batman Movie could end up being the best DC film of the year. Like I said I am still really excited for Justice League and Wonder Woman and who know one of those could end up being the best DC movie this year, but as of now my hopes and heart belong to LEGO. Whatever ends up happening DC fans have a lot to look forward to this year.

Do you think The LEGO Batman Movie could be the best DC film this year? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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