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Wolverine: One Last Time

Seventeen years ago Wolverine exploded onto the big screen in X-Men.  Now in Logan he returns in his ninth and possibly last film (at least the last with Hugh Jackman playing the part). Now a broken down man living in the desert in a world with almost no mutants it seems Wolverine has given up on life and does not want to be involved in the world or with anyone. So how did he get here and what will his journey be in Logan?

Logan takes place in the year 2029, six years after the future events of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Mutants are dying off and there are only a few of them left. Wolverine now works near the US-Mexican border and spends his time taking care of an ailing Professor X. Knowing this is the setting of Logan one can understand why Wolverine is closing off from the world and does not want to get involved in what is going on. Remember that even though this film takes place in the alternate timeline created in Days of Future Past, Wolverine remembers the original timeline. So think of everything he has been through with Jean, the Sentinels, and having to travel back in time to stop a nightmarish world from being created. And after all this, all his sacrifices and pain, mutants are still on the verge of extinction and almost all his loved ones are dead.  Understandably he probably feels like all the struggle and fighting to survive came to nothing and no matter what he and the other X-Men did mutants are still on the verge of extinction so what is the point of continuing the fight.

But he is Wolverine and while he is a loner by nature he is still a hero and a survivor. Look at the fact he is still taking care of Professor X. Despite everything that has happened he will not abandon his friend and mentor and makes sure he is taken care of as his health fades. It shows that underneath all the gruff and anger there is still a caring person who will step up and do the right thing. All he needs is the right push to get him to come out of his exile and become the Wolverine again. Enter X-23.


This is perhaps my favourite shot from all the Logan trailers released so far. It shows a pissed off Logan finally releasing his claws and trying to attack someone. It is obvious from the trailers that these guys come for X-23 and then probably they do something to her, and maybe also Professor X, that cause Wolverine to finally snap. He has been trying to live in exile and escape from his past as a X-Man, but when he sees people he cares about in need or just people being treated wrongly he will fight for them and this is what will make him come back and face his legacy and who he is.

Logan promises to be an emotional ride, especially for fans of the character. Part of that is going to see such a beloved character as this broken man who has shut down from the world. But the thrill will be seeing him come back and be the person he was born to be. I can think of no better character journey to act as a farewell for one of the greatest comic book movie characters of all time.

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