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Gart is Delectable Fantasy-Goblin-Punk Fun

Gart is a web-comic created by Anaseed Man (his online name). The premise of Gart is, as explained in the Kickstarter campaign by the creator himself: “Far, far in to the future when man is all but gone, strange humanoid creatures such as goblins, trolls, orcs and imps have taken over what once was Earth. The sun, for a time, had grown so vast and hot that many of the oceans dried up leaving only slithers of shallow water between huge, sprawling land masses. Where relics of the reign of mankind have become useless junk buried underground like technological fossils. This is the world Gart inhabits. Urth, as it is now known (goblins aren’t particularly skilled in literacy. Orcs and trolls are even worse).”

The main character is a half-goblin, half-imp named Gart. He is a particularly grumpy character, which is rather amusing. His goal is to kill King Gobbo, the King of the Goblins and end the reign of Goblin tyranny and the strict Goblin hierarchy.

Along the way, Gart gathered a group of supporting characters—the hobgoblin female Rudi, his best friend a bat-thing (Gart’s not even sure what he is) Nob, and Dagga, for all purposes who is a goblin cyborg.  There’s a lot of sarcasm and banter between the characters. Anyway, Gart as a half-goblin and half-imp, is quite adapt at fighting and magik/magic. The first 60 pages or so is Gart’s journey to Stinkhorn City, apparently the capital, to have a second shot at assassinating the crazy powerful King Gobbo.

From page 65 on, it’s fast forward 16 years where Gart and his daughter Lowl are traveling together for one reason or another. They get captured by orcs and get lost in a maze together, where Lowl is a very sarcastic teenage girl towards her father.

Overall, I enjoyed the story and the world as a whole. The one thing that I would say that bothered me was that it was so short. It’s probably just me used to expansive world-building fantasies. The simplicity of the story was not the problem. There’s things I feel like I missed when I read the first half of the story. This was the only thing that I could find to nitpick about—I wanted to see more details.

The artwork matched the setting and tone of the story. Sometimes in web-comics, the art doesn’t feel like it’s the right way to depict it, but the creator nailed it. The story is fast-paced, for one page equaled one chapter. The whole story of Gart will be around 200 pages. I only read the first half, though I’d really like to read the other half to find out what happened to Gart and Lowl. Also, I was amused and happy to see Gart have a Super-Saiyan like transformation in his final battle with King Gobbo, it was pretty cool.

I also enjoyed the humor. There was like seven times where Gart was punched/attacked in the face where he eventually screamed “Can people stop hitting me in the damn face?” Also, there was a point of the story where the author showed a map pointing where the group was and where they had to go to get to King Gobbo. It was placed strategically. The story does not take itself seriously, which is good for the reimagined sci-fi fantasy punk setting the creator had going.

Gart is an awesome web-comic. If you like fantasy-punk-sci-fi stories with a new spin, go and check it out! You can read the first half of the story here! Don’t forget to check out its Kickstarter here too!

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