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PodCapers Ep 1: Marvel vs. DC in Live Action

Welcome to PodCapers, Official Podcast of A Place To Hang Your Cape.

For our inaugural episode, we kick things off by tackling the biggest of the big questions: who’s better, Marvel or DC?

Considering our host, Scott Meridew, is also known as “The Man Who Hates DC”, superhero expert and AP2HYC Editor-In-Cape David Molofsky is brought in to even the scales.

But who will be triumphant in this most epic of battles?

Intro: 00:30

1940’s-1970’s: 08:00

1980’s-1990’s: 19:45

2000’s-2010’s: 40:00

2010’s-present: 52:50

Wrap-up: 1:20:00

About the author

David Molofsky

David is the Owner & Editor-in-Chief of AP2HYC.