PodCapers Ep. 10: Will Webb: The Man Who Hates Guardians of the Galaxy

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This week, Scott is joined by AP2HYC’s Video Hero Will Webb, and he’s got a few choice words about the MCU’s lovable band of space rogues. Will he convince Scott that it’s a bad film? Does he think Vol. 2 will be any better? And what does this mean for the MCU as a whole?

You can find Will’s original GotG article here.


Will Webb – 01:40

James Gunn – 05:50

Tone – 11:25

Movie parallels – 23:46

Marvel and it’s creators – 27:05

Fan reactions – 33:04

Character development – 37:24

Vol 2. hopes – 57:28

How to have a constructive conversation – 1:10:44

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