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Krypton Trailers Leaves Us with So Many Questions

We all know Superman’s home world is Krypton and usually it is represented in its final decaying months leading up to its destruction, usually centered on Clark’s parents or Kara’s parents. Syfy’s Krypton will be premiering sometime this year and a teaser trailer was leaked a while ago, though you can’t find it anywhere now. It’s been in development for a while. I’m not sure that their budget is that huge, considering it’s going to be on Syfy, so I’m not going to hold my breath for that fantastic of special effects and designs. (I could be wrong).

In all honesty, we don’t get much from the trailer. It had Superman’s Granddad doing a monologue about how it’s nice that one Kryptonian from the House of El survived and that part of their culture and history will live on in him. Supposedly, Krypton is set in the DCEU and will reference Man of Steel, as it is set 200 years prior to the events of the movie. Is this an indication that DC Comics is going to try to start a multi-platform universe like the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Or is Krypton going pull stunts like Gotham and completely go in odd directions with characters and the history of Gotham and Batman?

Seg-El is Superman’s grandfather and the father of Superman’s dad Jor-El and Supergirl’s dad Zor-El.  In the context of the show, apparently, the House of El will be going through some rough times being discredited for one reason or another. Seg-El appeared sparsely in the comics as Superman’s cranky old man of a grandpa, so it’ll be interesting to see him as a young man.

Seg-El will also be involved with someone from the Zod family, so we’re probably going to get some ‘Romeo and Juliet’ vibes. The House of El and the House of Zod rivalry will be a good mirror into more depth for General Zod’s reasons in the movie instead of being Lara’s jilted love interest. I also wonder if this can be a way to introduce the Nightwing and Flamebird mythology from Krypton, since that story is a huge part of Kandor’s lore. It’s definitely going to be Superman meets the Game of Thrones or some crazy nonsense like that.

Will Krypton answer some questions about why Jor-El in Man of Steel had to go to such lengths to do anything? It’s always interesting to learn the family history of the major superheroes, especially when they’re as epic as the superheroes themselves. I mean, it’s probably just me because I’m a history nerd to the nth degree and like period pieces. The House of El’s symbol is the symbol that Superman, Superboy, Supergirl and millions of their fans wear in canon and in real life—so maybe it won’t be that bad.

Maybe. What do you think? Will Krypton go in the way of Gotham? Or will it be a welcome addition to the DCEU?  Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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