PodCapers Ep. 13: Cosplay Chat with Kit “Puddygeeks” Horsley

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This week, Scott is talking about dressing up, er, I mean cosplay with Kit Horsley, the new Cosplay Hero for AP2HYC! Kit educates Scott about the various good and bad sides of cosplay, including photo consent, anime fan meets, body shaming, and explaining cosplay to normal, productive members of society, i.e. boring people.

Check out Kit’s Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube pages! Also find her at upcoming Con meets here, here, here, and here.

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Intro to Kit – 1:20

Cosplaying vs normal society – 13:18

The most annoying question – 22:05

The darker side of cosplay – 32:49

Cosplayers to watch – 59:55

Ethnicity and Cosplay – 1:02:36

Cons and Shoots – 1:14:50

Final Thoughts – 1:28:28

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