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Black Panther Teaser Trailer

“Soon, there will only be the conquered and the conquerers.”

If that isn’t a great soundbite, I don’t know what is… and with it I feel confident that the hype and anticipation surrounding the upcoming Black Panther is every bit deserved.

The very day that Marvel dropped the first promotional poster for the upcoming addition to its cinematic universe brought with it a solid two minutes of footage surrounding the Captain America: Civil War breakout. And boy does it have me excited for the film. Heck, it has me excited for the actual trailer. While very little was given away in terms of overarching plot (c’mon, this is Marvel we’re talking about) the trailer did a solid job at teasing viewers with flashes of action, possible anarchy, words of wisdom, a hella awesome cast, and some epic tunes.

Flashing to Wakanda, we’re provided a glimpse of what appears to be the collision between traditional and futuristic worlds as voiceover emphasizes the challenges that decent men face when forced to lead. The fact that the trailer begins with a conversation between Klaw and Ross as they discuss Wakanda essentially being off the world’s radar, as well as the fact that we know all about that little mineral known as vibranium, makes it seem as though the outside world will be the central threat to T’Challa and his people. Though… that glimpse of Erik Killmonger certainly makes it clear that he’ll be playing a major role in whatever central conflict may arise…

Top Moments:

Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira. That is all.


T’Challa’s signature move: causing mayhem on highways and destroying cars left and right.


Black Panther casually hanging out in a tree.


The visual of the suped-up QuinJets flying over Wakanda.


Killmonger being a killjoy and lookin’ about ready to kill some people.


How psyched are you for Black Panther? What are you most looking forward to seeing? Sound off on Twitter or in the comments below!

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