PodCapers Ep. 30: Dave Gibbons & Tim Pilcher on How Comics Work

In anticipation of the release of their book How Comics Work, Scott and David are joined by comic legend Dave Gibbons (of Watchmen, Batman vs Predator, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and many, many more comics-fame) and editor/pop culture writer Tim Pilcher, to discuss just how do comics work.

Gibbons and Pilcher talk about why they made the book, the qualities you need to make it in the comic industry, how storytelling isn’t just about writing, and much more. Looks like we’re playing with the big boys now!

You can pre-order How Comics Work from Amazon UK/US, and Waterstones. And indeed you should!

You can also get a signed copy of the book by the two authors at the launch event at Orbital Comics on September 20.

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Intro to How Comics Work – 01:30

Origin of How Comics Work – 05:05

Comics and Collaboration – 13:50

All Aspects of Storytelling – 22:30

Film and Comics – 42:18

Exercises for Better Comics – 51:01

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