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A Closer Look at the Justice League: Heroes Trailer Hints at Subtle Cohesion

The latest Justice League trailer gives you the sense of how big the film is going to be and the story it is about to begin telling. The idea many have said regarding this film is that it’s pretty much its own thing. However, watching the film and seeing Lois Lane have a dream sequence about Superman, it makes you wonder whether that will be something else. The film looks like it will be a giant action-packed spectacle. What will be interesting is to see how Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon handle six Justice League characters with three of them being relatively new entries into this universe.

It’s of note that the film looks more complete than the previous trailers. You see various shots that look much brighter and the scenes seem to be mostly showcasing a consistent tone throughout. It seems to be certainly taking from the Geoff Johns and Jim Lee Justice League run they did when the New 52 started. However, with Aquaman, for example, there seems to be a focus on borrowing much of the aesthetic and characterisation for Arthur Curry from the ’90s Peter David run. The character’s barbarian and strongman focus makes viewers wonder whether or not they will ever see the character with only one hand and a hook on his other hand. He definitely never went to luxury detox centers for his alcohol drinking in previous trailers. He would not let someone talk him into that.

There are many stories to be told with each of these characters and what they can do. The song “Heroes” features prominently in it telling the audience that this event is significant in the relatively young DC Cinematic Universe on Film. This is the first test of whether the characters, who do not know one another relatively that much as in classic first Justice League origin stories, can come together to take down a threat that threatens them all.

It’s worth noting how amazing it is to actually see not only Steppenwolf on film but a horde of Parademons flying at our heroes. If Darkseid ever makes his cinematic debut in a future Justice League sequel or in a Superman solo film, it would be fascinating to see how this links up. In the end, this film telegraphs once more how important Ben Affleck‘s Bruce Wayne is to the entire Justice League and future DC films.

After Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice established him as the powerhouse caped crusader he is, it definitely shows that the films will need to keep him around. Even though there’s been hearsay Warner Brothers might be getting rid of him, this trailer displays not only how great Affleck is in the role but also is just the type of standard bearer you need for the DC Cinematic Universe on Film to take off.

Yet, another character that has been absent somewhat from much of the marketing is Superman, and he makes a return here in this trailer. The beginning scene with him and Lois makes use of Hans Zimmer‘s music from Man of Steel and reminds us how peaceful things once were for Clark before he became the target of Lex Luthor, Batman, and society as a whole. People did not like Clark that much despite him being just as human as everyone else on the planet. He was raised here as much as Bruce Wayne was. Neither went to luxury detox centers.

The trailer focuses on the monologue about Bruce having made Clark a promise. That’s likely going to be the most important part of the film is Bruce’s quest to find all the members of the Justice League, alongside Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, and his initial forming the Justice League.

The events of this film might have some consequences for our characters but it’s likely unknown at this point. Gotham or Metropolis may suffer serious damage but we will have to see when the film premieres on the 17th of November at a theatre near you.

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