These Comics May Give You Nightmares and Keep You Awake

Comics are a perfectly unique medium that can both inspire and scare the very bejesus out of readers. Because everything starts on paper and continues in the vivid imagination of the reader, comics have a power that can’t be reproduced on screen, and because they use both words and images, they are one step ahead of books and stories.

After all, we first fell in love with today’s superheroes in comics and then we saw them on the screen. However, today I won’t be talking about the comics that inspire us, but about the ones you shouldn’t be reading alone at night because they’ll give you nightmares. If you like the horror genre and want a bit of a thrill, the comics below should be on your list.


Written by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, the Fatale comic book is a combination of drama, crime noir, and pure Lovecraftian terror. The focus is on Jo, a woman who can’t die and who has the gift to make men desperately fall in love with her. She is followed through centuries by a cult that wants to imprison her and use her powers for their own purposes, but the men who fall in love with her also want to protect her. For this, they will die in the most horrible ways possible.

But the comic is not just about deaths and horror, it’s also a fascinating story that describes obsession and madness and how these are usually confused with love in today’s world. Overall, Fatale will keep you reading to the end, but it will also chill you to the bone.

30 Days of Night

This comic is written by Steve Niles and illustrated by Ben Templesmith and talks about a small village in Alaska called Barrow. Here, people experience a long night (30 days to be exact) during the winter, but this is not their worst enemy.

A coven of vampires have their nest nearby and they like to attack the city to feed and terrorize the villagers. Everything happens in a slow manner, and the vampires take a lot of pleasure in their work with the humans.

While the story may seem boring on a screen, the combined geniuses of the writer and the artist make is a masterpiece of the comic horror genre.

From Hell

Have you ever wondered who was Jack the Ripper and why he became who he became? Well, if you read From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell you may have a chance of finding out. The story is based on the tale of origins of Jack the Ripper and talks about horrific events that are (sadly) historically accurate. Some stories are fiction, but many of the atrocities that will invade your mind, actually happened. Good luck sleeping tight with this thought in mind!

Tales from the Crypt

This is one of the most famous horror stories in the comic books world and it makes an impact even after 65 years of existence (there even was a TV series). The horror stories are soul-shattering and they have so much appeal that all the stories published by E.C. comics are considered a cultural movement and stand right beside comics such as Superman or Batman.

The artists behind these stories are well-known and they dug deep into their dark inner self to create one of the most amazing comic strips of the world. And they managed to impress generation after generation!


These are some of the most impressive horror comics I enjoy, but I strongly suggest reading them when it’s light outside. Still, if you want to try the extreme, you should first visit – try mattress, as they can help you improve your sleep in almost any situation. After all, if you’re having nightmares, it’s best to have them in a comfy bed, right?


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