PodCapers Ep. 41: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review with Colin Coughtrey (Full Spoilers)

It’s time for the Jedi to end. And it’s also time for another Podcapers film review! This week, Scott is joined by Colin Coughtrey of Star Wars Conversations, and they try and navigate the asteroid field that is the latest entry in the Star Wars Saga. From unnecessary plot threads, to Deus Ex BB-8’s, to a disappointing lack of Lando, they unleash their full fan fury upon The Last Jedi.

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Intro to Colin, The Force Awakens, and Wedge – 00:50

Humour, Leia Poppins, and Alien Milk – 21:14

Onion Bhaji, We Need to Talk About Kylo, and Ratings – 37:55

Yoda, Spooky Dark Side Hole, and Salt – 1:01:00

Showdown at Crait, Twin Suns, and Final Thoughts – 1:20:34

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Scott Meridew