7 Heroes of the Marvel Universe Who Could Be Great Poker Players

Thinking about our favorite comics’ characters and playing in the online casino Canada, we’ve been toying with the idea of finding out which Marvel characters could make a terrific poker player.

Below you are seven Marvel characters who would look great around the poker table – although we banned telepathic heroes.


Deadpool is such a combination of Mike Matusow and an accelerated healing factor. You would never figure him out in poker, while he’s unpredictable, lunatic and nonstop-talking.

He’d start playing Texas Hold’em as though it is 2-7 lowball the moment you think you’ve learned his strategy. He surely would be the only player at the poker table with five hole cards.


Being a frequent member of The Thing’s home games, Logan uses his instincts to play the game. Wolverine would make a rugged, whiskey drinking and cigar smoking poker player.

Wolverine can hear your heart beating if you’re bluffing and can even smell if you’re sweating over a great decision.

The Thing

The Thing, Benjamin Grimm would make an “old school” poker player playing all the games absolutely well. He has “clobbered” an epic list of poker players.

The Thing definitely adores having fun at the table. This player is hard to bluff; he plays poker with no fear, while no one can take him down. Money doesn’t mean a lot to him – only the thrill really matters.

Iron Man

Tony Stark or Iron Man has an analytical mind, thus, he would make a perfect poker player. He could play the highest stakes, while has the necessary money, and his genius IQ level would make him a master at the poker math. He would have a psychological advantage over other players thanks to his cocky personality.

J.A.R.V.I.S. surely wouldn’t assist Iron Man at the tables.

Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman, Sue Storm, knows for sure how to put up with male ego, putting up with three largest male egos in the Marvel Universe being the only woman in the Fantastic Four. Thus, she has all the necessary mental toughness to play poker.

Don’t forget no one can see her, so you would not read any of her non-verbal tells.


Gambit should have definitely been invited to that little home game. He’s an experienced poker player having no fear at the table. His card throwing background grants him a “devil may care” attitude to playing poker.

His mutant powers allow him changing his cards, so other players should beware of him.


The Sensational She-Hulk is another female in that poker game. She looks great, has brains and brawn.

The opponents at the table can’t take her lightly; they will be disarmed by her outgoing personality.

Having a superior reading ability and being a skilled lawyer allows her to categorize players by leaps and bounds. She-Hulk is a sort of Vanessa Selbst exposed to Gamma radiation.

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