PodCapers Ep. 72: The AP2HYC TV Awards 2018 with Silje Falck-Pedersen

This week, it’s the annual AP2HYC TV awards! Scott is joined by Silje Falck-Pedersen and David Molofsky as they go through the various nominees to see who wins the coveted (and meaningless) awards. From Arrow to The Tick, all your favourite shows (except for Wynonna Earp because there is no justice in this cruel, cold world) are up for various categories, including Biggest Bad, Most Heartbreaking Death, and Ship of the Year to name but a few.

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Best Costume – 09:30

Best VFX – 12:36

Best Fight Sequence – 16:00

Best Makeup – 23:27

Best Sidekick – 31:15

Ship of the Year – 39:08

Favourite Breakout Character – 53:00

Best Team Up – 56:50

Biggest Plot Twist – 1:02:30

Kickass Female – 1:09:28

Biggest Damn Male Hero – 1:13:20

Biggest Bad – 1:17:30

Most Heartbreaking Death – 1:25:30

Best New Show – 1:33:12

Best Season – 1:39:40

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