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Animation Domination! Previewing DC’s 2019

While DC media has had a rough few years, they seem to be picking up steam with the launch of their streaming service and the great early reviews of Aquaman. So what’s next for DC in 2019? Here’s every movie, TV show, and video game coming next year.

January 3rd: Gotham’s Final Season


With Gotham in anarchy, this Fox show has a lot to clean up in only 12 episodes. Supposedly featuring at least two time jumps with the final one being 10 years later, this season has to wrap a lot of plot lines that will lead us to the modern comics Gotham City we know and love.

January 4th: Young Justice: Outsiders


After 7 long years, fan favourite show Young Justice is coming back. This new season will be released weekly on DC Universe, with a mid season break, then returning in June. Young Justice: Outsiders follows Nightwing and Artemis as they lead a new group of young heroes to end a meta human trafficking ring. All of the old favourites return, with the entire original cast reprising their roles, with the exception of Jason Spisak who will be voicing newcomer Forager instead of Wally West (though if Wally came back I don’t think anyone would be upset).

January 13th: Reign of the Supermen


After The Death of Superman’s release last year, fans of the DC Animated Universe were excited for what came next. In the aftermath of his death, different versions of the big blue boy-scout start popping up mysteriously all over the world, and the Justice League have to figure out what’s going on. With a voice cast recognisable to anyone who’s been a DC fan for while (including Black Lightning’s Cress Williams and Gotham’s Cameron Monaghan), as well as the returning DCAU cast, this movie is sure to please fans of series.

February: Doom Patrol

doom patrol

This next live action DC Universe original was an unlikely choice for the streaming service, especially since they already had not one, but 2 superhero team shows, and the Doom Patrol even make an appearance in Titans. This star studded cast, however, seems to be putting nerves at ease. Only one person from the Doom Patrol seen in Titans is returning for the show, April Bowlby playing Elasti-Woman, with Orange is the New Black alum Diane Guerrero joining her as Crazy Jane, as well as Alan Tudyk, Brendan Fraser, and Matt Bomer playing Mr. Nobody, Robotman, and Negative Man respectively.

Also February: Lego Batman 2


News on Chris McKay‘s Nightwing movie have been scarce, and we just found out that this is because he’s working on a new Lego Batman! The hilarious parody of DC’s most popular hero was a smash hit. Here’s hoping the sequel is just as good!

April 5th: Shazam!


Next up for the DCEU or “Worlds of DC” is Shazam! starring Zachary Levi and Asher Angel.This comedy directed by David F. Sandberg follows young Billy Batson as he discovers his new powers that allows him to become a god whenever he says the magic word. The first trailer was a smash hit, with Zachary Levi’s hilariously believable impression of a 14 year old with superpowers. He and It’s Jack Dylan Grazer have amazing chemistry as best friends. Shazam! marks and exciting turn of the DCEU.

Also April 5th: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2


While not existing in the main DC lineup, Archie Comics is owned by DC, so it technically counts. Fans of the surprise Netflix hit were shocked to find out through a teaser trailer that the next season of this spooky show was coming way sooner than they thought! Instead of waiting a full year like most Netflix originals, Sabrina is coming back less than 6 months after its first season aired!

May (Maybe): Unnamed WB Montreal DC Games

wb mon

After Rocksteady announced that they weren’t doing a Superman game like rumoured, Warner Brothers Montreal, the people who made the controversial Batman: Arkham Origins, announced they had not one, but 2 DC video games in the works. While no official announcements have been made, we’re likely to see at least one of those games (maybe Superman?) in May.

Spring: Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

jl v ff

Another DCAU release that pits whoever remains of the Justice League after The Reign of the Supermen against the Fatal Five: Tharok, Emerald Empress, Validus, Mano and the Persuader. Seems like a pretty straight forward team up to defeat the bad guys movie.

June: Swamp Thing

swamp thing

James Wan is executive producing this horror romance live action TV show for DC Universe. Gotham’s Crystal Reed is set to play Abby Arcane and Andy Bean is set to play Alec Holland while horror movie veteran Derek Mears embodies the beast himself. This could easily get into The Shape of Water territory, just with more grass stains.

Summer: Batman: Hush


One of the best Batman series of all time (listed the best Batman series in our What to Read? The Best of the Justice League in Comics list) is finally getting the animated adaptation treatment. While no casting for big players Hush and Catwoman have been announced, the best Batman voice, Kevin Conroy, is returning the Caped Crusader, proving once again that he will never actually retire. Hopefully this adaptation doesn’t go the way Killing Joke did, but unless someone decides to add another super unnecessary hook up, we should be safe. They already have Batman and Catwoman, who make sense to hook up, and no girls of questionable age for Bruce Timm to force Batman on.

August: Stargirl


Not to be confused with the Disney TV movie adaptation of a book by the same name also coming out next year, DC Universe’s Stargirl TV show is about the superhero based on Geoff Johns’ sister who died in the 1996 explosion of TWA Flight 800. With a tone that Johns says is similar to Back to the Future and The Karate Kid, Stargirl, played by Brec Bassinger, is a high schooler who leads an unlikely group of teenage heroes (becoming The Justice Society) to defend her small town against bad guys.

October: Harley Quinn


After the sneak peak trailer from New York Comic Con, fans are highly anticipating this animated DC Universe show starring Big Bang Theory alum Kaley Cuoco as the titular Harley Quinn. With a seriously impressive comedic cast like Wanda Sykes, Alan Tudyk, Jim Rash, Tony Hale, Ron Funches, and Jason Alexander, Harley seems to have an animated playground fit for the Clown Princess of Crime. This isn’t an ordinary animated show, either. The teaser promised fourth wall breaking adult humour similar to Deadpool. There’s even a jab at the Deadpool animated show that never happened in the sneak peak.

Sometime in 2019: Wonder Woman: Bloodlines


Finally, yet another DC Animated movie is slated to come out sometime in 2019, with no clear idea of when. Currently, the plot is unknown and it’s unclear if this follows the current DCAU universe and will star Rosario Dawson, or if it’s a direct sequel to the 2009 animated Wonder Woman film starring Keri Russell. It’s even possible that live action Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot could voice Diana in animated form.

Also Sometime in 2019: Lucifer Season 4


After this Fox favourite was cancelled along side Gotham and Brooklyn 99, fans of Lucifer revolted, though their numbers were much smaller than that of Brooklyn 99‘s. Despite this, Netflix listened and decided to pick up the dark comedy for another season, set to release sometime next year.

Other things we’re likely to see


While none of the other DC shows have been renewed at time of writing, it’s likely that in the summer we’ll get Season 4 of AMC’s Preacher, and in the fall on the CW we’ll get Arrow Season 8, The Flash Season 6, Supergirl Season 5, Legends of Tomorrow Season 5, Black Lightning Season 3, and Riverdale Season 4. While the pilot has yet to be finalised, it’s likely we’ll also get the first season of Batwoman.

Are you excited for this jam packed DC year? What is getting you the most hyped? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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