PodCapers Ep. 90: Lifeline with Nandor Fox Shaffer

This week, Scott is joined by brilliant emerging writer Nandor Fox Shaffer to talk about his equally brilliant new comic book Lifeline! Written by Nandor and featuring work by seven different artists, there’s definitely a lot to talk about, such as Brexit, Hook, and Joaquin Phoenix. Yeah, Scott goes off on a lot of tangents this week. Don’t worry, there’s lots of stuff about the book too.

Check out Lifeline’s Kickstarter!

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal.


Intro to Nando, America vs UK, and Seasons – 02:59

Lifeline, Different Art Styles, and Themes of Growing Up – 33:35

Kickstarter Rewards, Release Date, and Final Thoughts – 1:08:28

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