PodCapers Ep. 117: MiB International Review with Puddy Geeks (Full Spoilers)

♫ Here come the Men in Blaaaack! ♫ This week, Scott is joined by AP2HYC’s Cosplay Hero Kit “Puddy Geeks” Horsely to talk about the latest Men in Black movie. And how much of a disappointment it truly is. With Scot being a big fan of the series and Kit knowing next to nothing, it’s sure to be a wild ride here on Podcapers! Which is more than you can say about the movie.

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


MIB as a Franchise, Liam Neeson, and Trial Period – 03:00

Rehashing Old Stories, Pawny, and Scott Really Shouldn’t Bait His Editor – 29:30

The “Twist”, Bringing Back Franchises, and Final Thoughts – 62:00

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