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AP2HYC 2019 TV Awards: Best Team Up

Many teams have graced our screens this year, but which team worked the best?

The Umbrella Academy (The Umbrella Academy Season 1)

Both as kids and adult, the Hargreeves siblings, when they’re not fighting, can come together to do great things. Okay maybe they didn’t stop the apocalypse, but they sure did look cool trying.

The Titans (Titans Season 1)

When these broken, confused, and emotional young people come together, they make one hell of a team. Rachel, Dick, Kory, and Gar aren’t yet the heroes we know them as, but they already work together in a fantastic way. Of course they actually have to be together and not being separated by drama and world destroyers.

Tandy and Tyrone (Cloak & Dagger Seasons 1 & 2)

While the show often keeps Ty and Tandy apart, the best moments come when the two finally come together to kick some ass. Whether it’s corrupt cops, kidnappers, or even Loa, these two never miss an opportunity to show why they are the Divine Pairing.

Also that moment when Tandy jumps out of Tyrone’s shadow with a light sword was just freakin’ badass!

Elasti-Woman, Negative Man, Robotman, Crazy Jane, Cyborg, Danny the Street, and Flex Mentalo (Doom Patrol Season 1)

The only time all of these characters come together at once is Penultimate Patrol, but it is by far the funniest part of the entire season. It was really great to see all of these heroes “come” together like this.

The Outsiders (Young Justice: Outsiders)

The old team comes together to introduce our new characters and creates a brand new one. This new team, led by Beast Boy, is a great way to usher in the new generation of heroes. Replacing the cave with an upscale apartment, Black Canary for Helga Jace, and being covert for being social media stars.

The Tick, Arthur, Bronze Star, and Sage, The Supernumerary (The Tick Season 2)

The world-building in The Tick Season 2 was one of its biggest strengths, and the introduction of more heroes was done with just the right amount of silliness that we’ve come to expect from this show. Bronze Star and Sage, The Supernumerary were both excellent additions to the cast and it was a season highlight to see them properly team up with Arthur and the Tick.

The Brotherhood of Dangerous Animals (Doom Patrol Season 1)

For all of five minutes, this seemed like a good idea. While the partnership between Mr. Nobody, Admiral Whiskers, an Ezekiel fell apart, it did result in an epic stand off between the actual heroes of the story and two giant vermin.

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