PodCapers Ep. 142: Onward Review (Full Spoilers)

Disney month continues on Podcapers with a review of Pixar’s Onward! And since Scott loves both fantasy and Pixar, this film should be great, right? Right? Hooboy, Scott and Jillian DiBlasio have a lot to unpack here, from Pixar’s stellar history, to more recent issues regarding LGBTQIA+ representation in Disney media. Seriously, we thought this film would be fun! But it’s not! It’s annoying how serious we have to take a movie with elves, centaurs, and magic.

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


Pixar vs Disney, Legacy, and Comebacks – 05:00

Scott’s and Coco, The World of Onward, and Macguffin Ahoy – 30:00

Lack of Creativity, Does Onward is Gay?, and Final Thoughts – 1:00:00

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