PodCapers Ep. 146: Scott’s Dirty Disney Dozen Part 4: Live Action Boogaloo

It’s that time of year once again! Scott is joined by Mark Russell and Alex Mirabal to talk about the very worst Disney has to offer. And this year, it’s the dreaded Live Action Remakes! With even the most die hard Disney fans disliking these…lets call them “films”…is this the year when Scott finally gets the recognition he deserves and can deliver the biggest “I told you so” the world has ever seen?

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


Alice in Wonderland: 10:00
Cinderella: 21:00
Jungle Book: 30:00
Christopher Robin: 35:00
Beauty and the Beast: 50:00
Dumbo: 1:00:00
Aladdin: 1:12:00
102 Dalmatians: 1:30:00
Alice Through the Looking Glass: 1:35:00
Maleficent: 1:43:00
Mary Poppins Returns: 1:55:00
Lion King: 2:00:00

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