PodCapers Ep. 152: Scoob! Review (Full Spoilers)

Scooby Doo is an animated classic that has gone through multiple regenerations and reboots, pushing the boundaries of children’s entertainment. This movie…is WEIRD! Scooby-super-fan Scott is joined by less-of-a-fan Jillian DiBlasio to talk about the recent revamp of the adventures of Mystery Inc. Except it seems like less of a Scooby Doo movie and more of an attempt at a Hanna Barbera cinematic universe. But shit.

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


BLM, Baby Mystery Gang, and Nonsense – 00:30

The Hannah Barbara “Universe”, Adult Humor, and More Nonsense – 30:00

Actual Emotions, Voice Cast, and Better Scooby-Doo – 1:00:00

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