The Top 10 Superhero Games of All Time

Videogaming comes in many different forms and whether you’re a competitive player or someone who likes to play from the couch at home, there’s something for everyone. Some like to play from their phone, console or at a PC and you even get the choice to play through a client or from your browser of choice.

Some games out there have even spawned sub-genres of games, for instance CS:GO is arguably the most popular shooter of the last 20 years and fans of the game can trade skins using sites like CSGO Bettor or gambling sites to win or upgrade their skins and items.

The highest genre of movies you will find in the box offices these days are superhero and comic-book titles from DC and Marvel. Unfortunately, while the superhero movies have made a marvelous improvement in the last 10 years, the same cannot be said of superhero video games. The truth is that it has been more than 40 years since the first superhero video game came, and it is still difficult for many game developers to create commendable experiences themed after entertainment industry’s most renowned characters.

Now, not all the superhero games deliver the type and level of experience that comes from the Superman on Nintendo 64. We have games that made no impact on players. However, there are some that went on to make a great impact on the society, rising above the stereotype to etch their names in the hearts of players, not just as superhero video games in particular, but as amazing video games in general.

While there are critical acclaims for superhero video games nowadays, with many faces adorning them, we do not have a very diverse list of the best superhero games, because up to half of the list is talking about just two heroes. With this, you will come to realize the degree of nuances found in the quality of the games that have been churned out over the years.

Read the list of our best superhero games of all time, and let us know what you think about the list.


2009 – PS3

As the only non-licensed entry in the list, the storyline of infamous is very compelling, and it’s about Cole MacGrath the bike messenger who gained the power of electrokineses after witnessing an explosion. His role is to fight other superhuman conduits and get down Kessler who holds the same powers as him. This was designed for PlayStation 3 only, and it was a very nice cameo for the Sucker Punch studio.

Spider-Man 2

2004 – GameCube, Xbox, and PS2

This game came from Treyyarch and it was centered on the second Toby Maguire film. It is an open world title and there are many Spiderman villains to be defeated. This brought the act of swinging through New York City to the fore and that increased the fun. This 2004 experience was only surpassed by the 2018 title from Insomniac. But before then, it held the forte for many years.

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

2005 – GameCube – Xbox and PS2

When Hulk is unleashed, he is always at his best and everything on his way gets smashed. This is common knowledge, so in video games, his best appearance would entail that he will go on a destruction spree without any or much hindrance. In the game, he can handle weapons, smash cars, run up walls, and decimate anything at all that gets in his way.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

2006 – PSP, PS2, Wii, 360, Xbox, PS3, PC, Xbox One, PS4

There is an array of villains and heroes in marvel, and in the ultimate alliance, you have the right to look like a dungeon crawl and a dream team in many of the Marvel’s universe’s numerous locations. The highest level of satisfaction for gamers would include the ability to put a custom superhero team together from the Marvel stable that is full of stars. The joy permeates when you are able to decimate enemies with the team you put together.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

2011 – Vita, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Xbox One, PS4

A lot of crossover events have been witnessed by the Marvel Universe, but Capcom is about the best of them all. They gave the world the first game in 1994, and it involved the same characters in Marvel’s X-Men: Children of Atom. 17 years after, the Capcom included other characters from the Marvel Universe and some Capcom’s custom characters in the next edition. However, the height of it was in 2011, with the arrival of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, and the Ultimate expansion that followed. The advanced gameplay and addition of many new characters made the difference here.

Injustice 2

2017 – PC, Xbox One, PS4

After the creation of the Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe in 2008, the NetherRealm Studios was founded by Boon, and it was in the new studio that they created the 2011 Mortal Kombat reboot. They continued creating games there, and after the 2015 Mortal Kombat X, NetherRealm, they came up with Injustice 2, the ultimate fighting game from DC Comics. Here, they added more characters, daily live events, gear customization, and improved battle mechanics, because the single robust story mode was becoming boring.

Batman: Arkham Knight

2015 – PC, Xbox One, PS4

An amazing story was created around batman, Arkham Knight, and Batman’s biggest rivals with the third and final entry by Rocksteady in the Arkham series. Here, players are thrilled to explore Gotham city in an open environment, with the scary scarecrow, and even though the Batmobile did not bode well with many, the greatest of the Arkham Knight is not diminished by this.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

2009 – Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Xbox One, PS4

For many people, Batman: Arkham Asylum brought the highest level of revolution in the superhero industry, not only by showing developers the best way to design a comic book game, but its rhythmic combat had a huge effect on its successors. The predatory stealth gameplay was also amazing for people to enjoy. No game had a full embodiment of a comic book’s characters like Rocksteady’s first set until Arkham Asylum came.

Spider Man

2018 – PS4

When Sony brought a study that is versed in developing amazing gadgets to the Spiderman franchise, it hit gold. The thing that sets this apart is the storytelling and not just the combat and swinging. In the game, insomniac interpreted the spider man amazingly with Peter Parker as the alter ego and the people around him as very active characters. When Peter’s life intersects with that of the Spiderman, you see the best interpretation ever.

Batman: Arkham City

2011 – Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Xbox One, PS4

Rocksteady having three of the names on the list shows how great it is. Because the Batman: Arkham Asylum was a huge success, many people thought Rocksteady had gotten to the peak. But the arrival of Arkham City where the battle was moved from the Arkham Asylum to the open environment Gotham city took the series to the next level. Apart from the freedom that this gave to the players, the traversal options were amazing for Rocksteady.

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