15 Best Disney Characters of All Time

Disney has always been a quintessential part of our lives for many generations. It has some of the best made 3D characters in the world of animation. Adults and kids enjoy Disney movies not only because they are very easygoing but also because of the powerful message. There have been some Disney characters, which have left an indelible mark on all of us. In this article, we will discuss with you fifteen of the most remarkable Disney characters. These characters’ popularity is primarily because of the many powerful messages that they have conveyed on screen with their characters. So, here, let us take a look at some of the outstanding Disney characters of all times.


Merida, a Scottish Princess, is free-spirited and headstrong. She is a tomboyish teenage girl. At only 16, Merida is courageous and brave and wishes to take complete control of the situation and her destiny. She is not any damsel in distress who can be overpowered by the social restrictions or the customers. Daisy, an educator and a brilliant online C++ tutor says that she finds Merida so relatable because instead of being subservient and behaving how the girls are usually supposed to act, she openly defies and rebels against her heritage. Yes, she is a great role model for many young girls out there, and this is the most prominent reason for Merida having a solid inclusion in our list.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a globally recognized character. He truly got famous because of his popular silhouette in the world. If you do not know, Mickey is a mascot for a myriad of TV shows, theme parks, and the whole of the film industry. He is truly the most legendary Disney character that this world has seen. Despite it all, Mickey has never lost his kindness, sincerity, and his innate decency. A well deserved and truly the most favorite Disney character of all time for us and half of the world.


Disney truly has given life to many memorable characters, which are dear to both kids and adults. One such remarkable character that almost all of us loved and continue to love is Pinocchio. It is tough for anyone to resist the complexity of such a phenomenal character. Well, who will not be amazed by a puppet, which turns into a living and a breathing child? Janet, an associate offering do my homework for me services, says that while I was teaching good manners to my little girl, I told her if she lied, her nose would grow, and she believed it because she saw Pinocchio’s nose growing. It is one of the exciting characters, and children truly have a lot to learn from it. It will teach you the virtue of honesty and encourage you to be a good person. Indeed, Pinocchio is one powerful character, which does send out a good message for the viewers.


Well, well, how can we talk about the best Disney characters without Mulan’s mention? Mulan is clumsy and a free-spirited outcast who finds it hard to adhere to the traditions, norms, and rules. Nonetheless, Mulan is kind-hearted and is always up to guard her family’s honor while still being true to her believes and ideas. She joins the army to prove her self-worth and also to protect her father. She is one Disney princess who though incredible, is not royalty through marriage or birth.

Cruella de Vil

We are sure all of you Disney fans are very well aware of the popularity of Cruella. She is one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed Disney characters of all time. A prime reason why Cruella is my favorite Disney character is that she owns every scene that she is a part of, shares Rose, who offers the best online drawing classes. It would not be wrong to say that Cruella is indeed one of the most interesting villains in Disney’s history. As much as her fashion sense is ruthless, her evilness is truly memorable.


Pocahontas is based on the life of an actual person. She is free-spirited, noble, and a very spiritual young woman. She has a compassionate heart and always offers guidance, wisdom, and kindness to everyone. Pocahontas loves animals and nature, and like all of us, she, too, is finding herself amidst all the chaos. She is indeed another powerful character that Disney has given to us.


Dori is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing Disney characters, says Linda, who recently sought database homework help by TAE to make up for the time she spends watching her favorite Disney movies on re-runs. Even though Dori suffers from short-term memory loss, she is likable because of her distinct nature of helping everyone she meets. She is always kind. Do you know what the most noteworthy thing about Disney characters is? They never portrait a lot of characters who have a disease. However, if it ever does, it is like Dori, meaning, a character, so profound that you have so much to learn from her.


You may not feel it at first sight, but Genie is indeed a very complicated character. Bursting with positivity, Genie is likable in every sense. He is full of life, but as a consequence of his imprisonment, his basic desire is to entertain anytime he is freed. Despite being one of the most powerful beings in the whole universe, he is still very easy going, benevolent, and friendly. Essaying the role of Genie, Robin Williams has truly given us a groundbreaking and remarkable performance. We believe and acknowledge the fact that if it were not for him, the character would not be even half as good.


Quasimodo was born with a hunched back, a deformity. Regardless of his appearance, he is very kind-hearted and naive, something that all of us need to learn in our lives, points out Sherry, an associate with MyPlumbersChoice. We love Quasimodo so much because he teaches us how what we are on the inside is so much more important than what we are on the outside. Thus, as a lesson from Quasimodo, we must make it a point never to judge someone by their outward appearance.


We all heard about the iconic Disney character, Cinderella. So, how could she even miss this list? She was a kind woman, despite some of the awful things that happened to her daily. Cinderella is a simple girl who does not ask much from her life. She just needs one thing, one night where she could get an off from all her stress and problems. With her character, you take home an incredible life lesson – Regardless of how hard your life is, it can change, so do not lose hope.

Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh is truly one of the oldest and the most recognized characters created by Disney. Pooh has been a staple for young kids over the past many, many years. With Pooh’s character, you learn to be imaginative, creative, and a good friend, states Laura, a TrueBlueFishermen representative. It is the loveliness, warmth, and simplicity of Pooh that makes him every child’s favorite. Well, we truly believe that Pooh can be the perfect role model for young children.


It is his flaws, which make Woody so brilliant. In Toy Story, he has envy issues, and then in Toy Story 2, he becomes egocentric after discovering that he is a collector’s item. However, one of Woody’s likable things is that he learns from his mistakes and never shies away from accepting when he is wrong. Of the toys, Woody is indeed the most human. He will stick his neck out for his buddies, regardless of the consequences.

Captain Jack Sparrow

All of us know about this mesmerizing kohled-eye pirate, remarkably essayed by the handsome Johnny Depp. In the movie, Jack plays the role of a captain with dubious sobriety and morality. He has just one true love in his life – the sea. Jack is truly one of the funniest characters Disney has created because he can make anyone laugh with just a blink of an eye, comments Julie, an educator who offers assignment help Perth.


WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth-Class) is a character behind one of the saddest Disney films we have ever seen. Well, who wouldn’t be sad seeing a robot by himself on the Planet Earth? Regardless, he discovers love while he is on a fantastic journey around the universe.


Belle is another one of those beloved Disney princesses. She has an active imagination, is a book lover, and has an open mind. Belle is outspoken and very, very confident. She strongly puts forth her views and does not appreciate being told what to do. It is also the reason why everyone in her town criticizes her for always doing her thing. Because of her free-thinking and intelligence, Belle knows there is more to her than her appearance. She looks past everything and sees right into people’s hearts. Her pure compassion and kindness are the main reasons why she has found a place on our list.

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