PodCapers Ep. 181: Avatar and Korra Shipping with Jillian Diblasio and Mark Russell

As part of Scott’s quest to dive deeper into the murky waters of fandom, he’s joined by Jillian Diblasio and Mark Russell to talk about…*sigh*…shipping. Yeah, yeah, make your jokes, but give us a break! In the future, this is what scholars will be doing their dissertations on! And seeing as how Scott clings to the familiar like it’s a comfort blanket, it made sense for them to talk about shipping within the context of Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. Like you haven’t done the same!

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


News – 01:50-14:20

Avatar Studios, ATLA Ships, and Crack Ships: 15:00

Korra, Asami, and Everyone Else: 1:10:00

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