PodCapers Ep. 188: Invincible Season 1 Review with Andy Clift (Full Spoilers)

Faster than a speeding hormone! More angsty than a Draco/Harry fanfic! It’s…Super Teen™! Okay, the show is actually better than that. Like, WAY better. Scott, himself a pretty big fan of the comic, is joined by Invincible super-fan Andy Clift for one of the least pretentious deconstructions of the superhero genre ever! As in, the TV show Invincible. Not this episode of Podcapers. Because lets face it, anything with Scott in it is at least a little pretentious.

Check out Andy’s work here!

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


News: 1:50-14:31

The Comics, New Ideas, and Cast – 15:00

Aliens, Family, and Finale – 55:00

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