PodCapers Ep. 198: The Suicide Squad Review with Francisco Andrade (Full Spoilers)

FUCKING FINALLY! It’s not like we’ve been waiting for a good live action Suicide Squad for years now! And who better to join Scott in reviewing it than DC superfan, Alex Mira- wait, what? Alex isn’t in this episode? Wow. Okay. Who is? Francisco Andrade? Alright then. They talk about the highs and- I’m sorry, it’s just weird not having Alex in a DC related episode. I need time to process this. Just listen to the episode, I’m sure it’s a good one.

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


News – 03:42-10:12

Suicide Squad, Cast, and Team Redshirt – 10:00

Team B, Relationships, and Meanwhile…Harley – 30:00

James Gunn, Jotunheim, and Final Thoughts – 60:00

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