PodCapers Ep. 205: DC Fandome and Venom Let There Be Carnage Review with Francisco Andrade (Full Spoilers)

Crikey, that’s a long title! It’s a jam packed episode this week Capers! Scott is joined once again by Francisco Andrade to talk about not one but TWO topics. This episode was just going to be about Venom 2: Let There Be A Mild Kerfuffle, but DC, rather rudely, released all these cool teasers and trailers this weekend. So Scott had no choice but to talk about both. Either that or spend a whole episode talking about Venom, and honestly who wants that?

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


News/DC Fandome – 1:40-43:19
Actually Talking About the Movie, Ratings, and Plot – 1:00:00
Trying to Care, The Post Credits Scene, and Final Thoughts – 1:30:00

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