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“Adventures Everywhere”: a Heart-Warming Interview with Nathan Kempf

Creator and letter Nathan Kempf made his debut on Kickstarter with the exciting anthology Adventures Everywhere. This heart-warming comic includes work by creators like Heather Ayres, Shadia Amin, and Jordan Alsaqa, exploring themes like self-acceptance and gender identity. We had the pleasure of learning more about the comic from Kempf!

AP2HYC: What is Adventures Everywhere all about?

Nathan Kempf: Adventures Everywhere is an anthology created specifically for kids and made by a diverse team of creators. With this anthology, we’re trying to show kids that learning who you are is a process, that it takes time, but that it can be an amazing journey to live.

AP2HYC: What was the inspiration behind this comic?

Kempf: It varies from one creator to another. Some talk about their own experiences, like Solomon “Sol” St. John in their story “First Pride”. Others had a message they wanted to share and crafted their stories around it.

As for myself, I wish I had these kinds of stories when I was a kid. I wish there were comic books out there made specifically for children back then, not just all-age stories that creators hoped kids would relate to. In that way, I hope this book can inspire younger people to pick up other comic books after reading that one.

AP2HYC: What are the central themes in the story? What message do you want kids to gather from this anthology?

Kempf: Everything can be an adventure! As I mentioned earlier, you never stop learning about yourself, about the world around you, and about your place in it as an individual. This learning process can be tough at times.

All those stories talk about issues today’s kids will encounter (grieving a closed one, finding out your sexual identity, dealing with anxieties, …). If by reading this book, they can at least realize they’re not the only ones going through the motions, it might make everything a bit easier to deal with for them.

AP2HYC: How did you begin collaborating with the creative team?

Kempf: I had been thinking about creating this anthology for a while, but I’m not someone who is known in this industry so I thought I would struggle finding creators to collaborate with. I tried posting a call on Twitter, thinking I would receive barely enough submissions to make a book out of it, but I ended up receiving more than a hundred!

Once I selected the stories, I feel like starting to work was quite natural. It was definitely a learning experience as it is my first anthology, but I’m so grateful for the hard work all the creators are doing.

AP2HYC: How would you describe the art style and why did you choose to give it that style?

Kempf: I didn’t choose a specific style, actually! I wanted creators to be free on that point and find the style they thought would make their stories the best they could be.

AP2HYC: What has been the most rewarding thing about bringing this anthology to life?

Kempf: The learning experience and friendships made along the way have been amazing. But seeing the support we’re getting, hearing about people ordering the book for their grandkids, having people contact me in private to tell me they wish they had had such a book when they were younger … it is incredibly rewarding. I feel like people understand why we’re making this book, and they’re here for it. I  never expected to see this kind of support.

AP2HYC: Do you have any other projects you are currently working on?

Kempf: I have been lettering a lot of comic books lately, which keeps me fairly busy. Besides that, I’m currently working on two kids’ graphic novels called Ahoy! and The Road of the Dandelions. I’m far from being able to show them to the world, but I hope I can publish them in the next few years!

Adventures Everywhere is the anthology that every child can learn from and may likely see themselves reflected in the pages. If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful comic, be sure to check out Adventures Everywhere‘s Kickstarter page. Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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