Marvel: Little-known Superheroes and Their Powers

Superheroes and comic book characters have become incredibly popular all over the world and have won the hearts of more than one million people. Many people know many heroes, because some of them have become real stars and gained fame in many spheres of culture and art – in cosplay, cartoons, games, TV series and films. And moreover, one of the most popular genres of modern cinema has become films about superheroes.

Now there are several of the largest comic book publishers, each of which has its own characters. Many connoisseurs of superheroes constantly argue about which of the companies deserves more attention. You probably know such heroes as Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Captain America, Hulk, Silver Surfer and so on. All of them are the brainchild of a major Marvel comics publishing house.

In this article, we will talk about superheroes that you might not have heard about due to the fact that they are not as popular as the above characters.

Squirrel Girl

The character’s real name is Doreen Green. She appeared not only in comics, but also in animated series and games. Her strong point is martial arts, she is very agile and has a good sense of smell. Doreen has sharp teeth, prehensile claws and a delightful squirrel tail. She is constantly accompanied by assistants, one or more squirrels, with whom she knows how to talk. Her most important trait is that she believes in people and teaches them to believe in themselves.


Surprisingly, few people know that the popular Hulk has a cousin. Her real name is Jennifer Walters. She has appeared in many comics: The Avengers, The Defenders, The Fantastic Four, and others. She became the heroine of animated series and games, but still did not gain fame. They even planned to make a separate movie about She-Hulk, but this did not happen, so the girl remained little known. Jennifer has the same skills as the Hulk, and her fighting teacher was Captain America himself. We are sure that if she had a TikTok, she would definitely become popular, and she would not have to buy tiktok followers. It’s a pity that Marvel employees didn’t give her the opportunity to get fame on the Internet.

Ruby Thursday

Fezdi Rubenstein was a member of a team of strange personalities, Executioners who repeatedly confronted Defenders and other superheroes. Instead of her head, she has a plastic ball that performs the functions of all the organs located in her head. Ruby’s head can separate from the body, change shape and color, and disguise itself as ordinary people. In one of the comics, the explosion of her head caused damage to the Hulk.

Doctor Voodoo (formerly known as Brother Voodoo)

The character was created by screenwriter Len Wein and artist Gene Colan. His real name is Jericho Drumm, the doctor’s first appearance was in Strange Tales #169 (September 1973). Jericho has extensive knowledge in various fields of magic. He can summon spirits, hypnotize and control living beings and is able to summon smoke that will hide him from enemies. In his wanderings, Voodoo is accompanied by the spirit of his twin brother Daniel, who doubles his strength.


You could see Mlark Mlerk both as a villain and as a superhero. His first appearance was seen in the 1969 Comex, as the leader of a villainous team from another universe. Hyperion has superhuman strength, speed, endurance and quick reaction. It can raise up to 500 tones, burn with icy breath and read the thoughts of other people.


The shadow girl was born on the harsh planet Sakaar. Even in infancy, the priestesses saw in her a great potential in using the old power. By the age of 13, she possessed incredible strength and achieved great results. She is a master of hand-to-hand combat, perfectly controls the old force and uses the energy of the planet. She is distinguished from other characters by her ability to turn her body into stone.

Julia Carpenter

The character is known as the second Spider-Woman, Archana and Madame Web. As a Spider-Woman, Julia appeared in Avengers West Coast and Force Works,  a 4-part mini-series was even filmed about her, which explains her origin. Despite this, she still did not become as famous as Spider-Man. She has a spider’s sense, high speed and agility, can create a web and move on any surface. And her web is not ordinary, but psychic. Imagine what kind of fame she would get if she were a person and shot videos on social networks. It would be great if it were possible, the staff of the publishing house would not even have to spend money to buy real TikTok followers.

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