PodCapers Ep. 211: The Sandman Review with Lyndon White and Jillian Diblasio (Full Spoilers)

Dream a little dream of me. The Sandman is finally here! And Scott is joined by not one, but TWO fans of the original comic to talk about it. Lyndon White and Jillian Diblasio discuss the highs and…slightly less highs (because there aren’t any real lows) of the new netflix show and bemoan the current state of DC films to boot.

Check out Lyndon’s Reanimator Incorporated Kickstarter! This episode was recorded last week, so there’s less time to back it as stated in the episode. Still worth your time though!

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Edited by Alexandra Mirabal


News – 03:40-16:31

The Eyes are Wrong, The Comics, and The Set Up – 20:00

Hell, The Corinthian, and Final Thoughts – 50:00

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