3 Marvel Characters Who’d Make Epic Pro Gamblers

The world of gambling has enjoyed explosive growth in recent years. This is particularly true for online gambling and casino sites, as during the recent pandemic, they were an ever-present attraction in the world of cyberspace. When brick-and-mortar casinos needed to obey local and national lockdowns, they could not allow customers to visit their premises. Conversely, online casinos can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home without needing to be physically present at the establishment. This helped them to generate increasing revenues from new and existing customers who were looking for thrills and excitement during this restrictive period in many people’s lives. Another increasingly popular form of entertainment is the Marvel universe. Recently, there have been a range of Marvel movies that have been incredibly successful at the box office and feature some of their most famous characters. In this article, the world of gambling and the Marvel universe comes together, as a light-hearted discussion of three specific Marvel characters who would excel as pro gamblers will take place.

The Hulk

The Hulk is known the world over by comic book and Marvel fans, as well as those who may not be as fully acquainted with the Marvel universe. In the comic books and film, the Hulk’s alter ego is Bruce Banner, a mild-mannered and slightly reclusive physicist who is exposed to a huge dose of gamma rays when experimenting with a gamma bomb. This turns him into the Hulk, who possesses otherworldly strength and might. From this point onwards ,Bruce Banner can transform into the Hulk, provided that he becomes sufficiently angry. In the world of gambling, the Hulk would represent an extremely strong poker player. Consider the fact that other players at the table would need to be incredibly brave to bluff the Hulk and risk his wrath. Even if he was in his “normal” form as Bruce Banner, other players would be wary of trying to outsmart such an intelligent player, who would be extremely adept at calculating the probabilities and odds of having the winning hand. Put simply, both Bruce Banner and his alter ego, the Hulk, would be formidable poker opponents.


Daredevil is a Marvel character that most comic fans would probably not associate with being a pro gambler. For a start, he is blind after being involved in an accident with a truck, which resulted in a radioactive isotope coming into contact with his eyes. However, because of this blindness and exposure to radiation, he developed superhuman senses and a degree of telepathic ability. His sense of hearing became incredible after losing his sight, which would be a perfect skill to utilize at card tables. Imagine him being at a live dealer casino online, like the kind shown at this website, and being able to hear the breathing of other players as their pulses quickened, or even to hear the sweat accumulate on their foreheads when they tried to bluff. Even in an online environment, he would be able to hear the faintest of noises and “tells” coming from other players as their laptops and smart devices picked up sounds from their mics. Combine this extreme level of hearing perception with Daredevil’s ESP skills, especially telepathy, and the result would be a pro gambler who simply could not be beaten. Put simply, he would know his opponent’s plays as soon as they made their choices.


Magneto is one of the most famous supervillains in the Marvel universe and his evil is only matched by his hatred for mankind. According to Marvel lore, Magneto was an ex-CIA agent who developed the ability to control metals because of being a mutant. This skill in being able to control metals would prove to be exceptionally beneficial in a casino environment. Imagine if Magneto decided to play roulette. By using his powers to control anything metal, he could essentially dictate the path of the roulette ball as it spun around the table. Subtle movements would be enough to ensure that the ball landed exactly where he wanted it to go and, therefore, he would be able to win at will. The only downside to this supreme ability would be the need to lose quite often at the roulette table so that the casino managers did not realize that he was having a direct influence on the outcome of each game.

To Sum Up

In the Marvel universe, three characters stand out as having the potential to be epic gamblers. The Hulk would be a formidable opponent at any poker table, as who would want to bluff and enrage him? Daredevil would use his extra sensory perception and telepathy to dominate casino games both online and in a brick-and-mortar casino. Magneto would have an extremely unfair advantage at any roulette table with his ability to move and influence metal.


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