Characters and Cameos Announced for Justice League Movie

Various reports have come in from Superhero Hype and Cosmic Book News that DC have released some key information on the upcoming Justice League of America movie.
The latest news is that the JLA have now got their characters and their backgrounds waiting ready to be cast. Wonder Woman has only been in our world a few months when the movie takes place, but there is a strong possibility that she will indeed have her own movie set before the events of JLA.
Any comic fan will know that there have been several Green Lantern’s over the years but the source confirms that it will be Hal Jordan, as played by Ryan Reynolds a few years ago. There has not yet been any confirmation whether or not Reynolds will play the character again, but due to the commercial and critical flop of his movie, it seems unlikely.
Flash is also a key member of the JLA and according to Cosmic Book News loves the attention he gets from the media whilst also being able to take on responsibility. Martian Manhunter will also make an appearance and will help serve the back-story of the film’s villain, Darkseid.
Superman will be a part of this franchise from the get go, but there has been no word on whether Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) will take on the role.  However, director Zack Snyder is rumoured to be consulting and there have been hints that Man of Steel may lay the groundwork for JLA in a strategy similar to the one used by Marvel for The Avengers. Lois Lane is also rumoured to have a cameo.
There is also news that an Aquaman film is now in development that will be part of the Justice League franchise as well as being featured in the JLA movie. The last time we saw Aquama, he was being portrayed by fictional character Vincent Chase from hit TV series Entourage. Chase (Adrian Grenier) starred as Arthur Curry in the fictional film that was greeted with stunning (albeit fictional) box office results. There will be some Aquaman fans out there hoping a real life movie can do the same.
Finally, Batman will be part of the JLA, but with some reservations. Batman will be known as “the strategist of the group” and doesn’t really want to be part of the group in the first place. He’s reported to consider the fellow members too powerful for their own good. Fans of the Caped Crusader will also be happy to note that his loyal butler Alfred will have a cameo.
The heroes will face off against Darkseid and his Elite in the 2015 movie.

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