The 5 Worst Casting Choices In Superhero History

2. Edward Norton


I’m still unsure whether The Incredible Hulk should even have been made and Edward Norton’s performance as Bruce Banner was unconvincing to say the least. Not that Norton isn’t a great actor, beacause he is; he just wasn’t right for the role. Banner is a lonely character riddled with angst and melancholia about his condition. He is a genius scientist driven to find a cure to prevent the Hulk from doing further damage. Eric Bana nailed Banner in Ang Lee’s version Hulk, and although Norton’s film is a more comic book, popcorn blockbuster type movie he didn’t do justice to the source material. The role required a more intelligent and tortured portrayal of the Doctor exactly like Hulk’s Bana:  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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