Awesome Marvel Concept Art

Concept art for two of Marvel’s upcoming big-name titles- Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier – have emerged on Geek Zenith. This is a little surprising, as the sequel to Thor is closer at hand, but the quality of the pieces is certainly worth a look.

The pieces for Guardians have a futuristic, techy vibe, and show off a portion of the team’s roster quite clearly: Rocket Raccoon is central, and to his left is Drax the Destroyer, looking a great deal like Kratos (of God of War). On the right is Groot, the team’s regal, sentient tree-being.

Gamora, whose presence in the film has already been established, seems notably absent, unless her skin has taken on an altogether different hue. Star-Lord, whose appearance is also known, could conceivably be the figure second from the right.

The other shots purportedly from the production of Guardians show what looks to be a colossal airship, and a figure partially enveloped in a sphere of blue light.

GotG Concept 3

The shot for Captain America 2 is somewhat less ambiguous; it depicts a casually-dressed Steve Rogers going toe-to-toe against the Winter Soldier, who was previously known as Cap’s erstwhile ally, Bucky Barnes. The Winter Soldier’s arm seems to be mechanic, possibly a result of USSR body augmentation, if the film decides to stick with the character’s comic book background.

CA2 Concept

It’s always important to take shots like these with a pinch of salt; compelling though they may be, there is always the possibility that they’re not truly concept art from the production. The quality is brilliant, but so is a great deal of fans’ work out there. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is currently slated for a release in April 2014, and the release of Guardians of the Galaxy has been moved to August 2014.

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