Nolan to Release Re-Dubbed Dark Knight Trilogy, But May Not Be What You Think – APRIL FOOL’S DAY

Christopher Nolan has announced that a new special edition of his Dark Knight Trilogy will be released at the end of the year on Blu-Ray and DVD. This set will feature the director’s cut of all three films with all of the dialogue re-dubbed so that every character will be just as hard to understand as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

“Bane was such a hit with audiences that we decided to go back and garble all the dialogue not only from Rises, but from the other two films as well,” says Nolan.

“It’s some of my best work,” continued Bale, “It really allows us to highlight the acting and effort we put into each scene.”

Early screenings of the footage has brought reports that The Dark Knight Rises actually makes a lot more sense with all of the dialogue completely incomprehensible.

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