Sinister 12 to Appear in TASM 3: “You can never have too many villains” says Webb – APRIL FOOL’S DAY

Yesterday Mark Webb announced that fan speculation about the Sinister Six making their anticipated cinematic appearance was at an end.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 sets the stage up for the climactic battle between Spider-Man, Black Cat and the (spoiler alert) Gwen Stacey clone army against the mighty forces of the Norman-Osborn-lead Sinister 12. Of course, the battle will continue  in the third and final film. It’s Sony Pictures’ way of seeing off the franchise in unforgettable style.”

The good news only gets gooder, as Webb goes on:

“One villain is fine, but as we all know, it’s never enough. So using the basic equation of 1 x 2 = great, we’re going one step further: 6 x 2 = awesome.”

Old faces Electro, Lizard, Rhino and naturally Green Goblin will be among the roster, so who will we be expecting come the 2016 smack down? Already renowned for his alternative take on who should play his antagonists, Webb didn’t disappoint:

“We have a great cast lined up, and already have a shortlist of actors. Fast and Furious duo Vin Diesel and Paul Walker as Big Wheel and Over Drive; Shia LaBeouf as Stilt Man; Vinnie Jones as Hammerhead; Mike Myers as Willow the Wisp; Daniel Radcliff as Boomerang; Megan Fox as Shriek; and Tropher Grace reprising his role as Venom. I think fans of comics and movies alike are going to freak over the idea of seeing character never seen on film before.”

 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is released in the UK April 14th 2014, with The Amazing Spider-Man 3: Spider-Harder due for a spring 2016.

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  • Personally i think that mark web should switch vin diesel with tropher grace . Venom will look bad ass in this film but i know for a fact that grace will fuck it up like he did in the last spiderman 3 . Leave him out of the venom situation .

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