The 5 Biggest Plot Holes in Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy

1. How Does Bruce Wayne Get Back To Gotham? The Dark Knight Rises

Bruce Wayne has been crippled and left in the Pit, a seemingly inescapable open-air prison, to rot. Bane has taken Gotham hostage using the stolen atomic bomb and annexed it from the rest of the world, blowing up bridges and filling in commuter tunnels. Martial law is in order and everything is lost.

That is till Bruce Wayne miraculously reappears in Gotham. Now, his recovery from a broken back in only a matter of months, having been broken over Bane’s knee like a piece of kindling, is unlikely enough (it sure was nice of Bane to leave him with the only doctor on the planet who can fix his back) but somehow he ends up back in Gotham undetected, despite all the previous facts and his being stuck in foreign climes (Mexico? Bolivia?) with no money and no passport. It’s not even like he could get in touch with Alfred to ask for the plane fare.

So, how in the hell does he get back to Gotham? Of all the plot holes, this is the one that will niggle at you.


And those would seem to be the worst of them. Any major film series is going to develop plot holes over time, but these are so blatant that they go a long way to weakening Nolan’s acclaimed trilogy. Which is not to say I don’t still love the films, but simply that they are flawed masterpieces and that Nolan and Co. are not infallible.

For all those who secretly hope helm their own superhero franchise, maybe that should give us hope. I for one would like to bagsy the Batman re-re-reboot. Bring back the Bat nipples!*


*Joke. Seriously.

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