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6 Things To Know About The New Star Wars Movies

As many of you know, today is May The Fourth, also known as Star Wars Day (based on the pun “May the fourth be with you”). As part of our celebration, we have decided to do a round up of all the big news surrounding the upcoming films. So without further ado, cue that unmistakeable John Williams score, and let us take you to a galaxy far, far away…

6. Location Scouting May Already Be Underway


Location scouting has reportedly begun, with the crew examining Iceland in particular. Iceland is known for its cold, snowy locations (Editor: But not to the same extent that Greenland is. Go figure.), and many planets in Star Wars match this description, most notably, Hoth. Could we be returning to the planet that contained the rebel’s secret base? The fact that they have already started scouting for locations means that hopefully we won’t have to with too long for them to start filming. Who knows what corners of the Galaxy far, far away these films will take us to?


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