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6 Things To Know About The New Star Wars Movies

5. Starting In 2015, There Will Be One Star Wars Film Every Year, As Confirmed By Disney


This is certainly an interesting development. One Star Wars film every year means that Disney certainly have high hopes for the franchise, but is this really a smart move?

On the plus side, we get one Star Wars film every year! Who can complain about that! We will finally be able to see our beloved characters on the big screen again, and will only have to wait one more year to see them yet again. And characters that we do not see enough of, like Yoda and Boba Fett, will possibly get their own movies.

On the downside, this looks like a blatant attempt to milk the franchise, as a Disney are known to do. Nobody wants to see Star Wars going down the Pirates of the Caribbean route. And just think about the marketing opportunities that Disney will get because of this. First they buy Marvel, and now this. Disney also closed down LucasArts, cancelling the incredible looking Star Wars: 1313 video game, which had graphics that looked so good, previews said it could not possibly have been a current gen video game (though it apparently was… would have been), and was also expected to be the first Star Wars game to be rated M by the ESRB, taking the franchise in a darker, bolder new direction. Instead, we have Angry Birds Star Wars. Thanks for nothing, Disney.

So, will the fact that there will be a one Star Wars movie every year starting in 2013 be a great way to please fans of the franchise or a way for Disney to put quantity over quality and milk the cash cow dry?

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