Top 10 Superhero Video Games

Who doesn’t love video games? The Australian government, apparently. And who doesn’t love superheroes? Well, at times I think that Hollywood doesn’t but that’s just me. And what happens when you combine these two awesome elements together? Most of the time… bad stuff. But sometimes, if you’ve been a very good fanboy/girl/furry Martian thing, then Father Christmas will say: “Here you go ya little weirdo! Here’s a kickass game for you.”

Yes, we all love a good superhero video game. Film and TV do their part but if there is one thing in this world that can make you feel like a real superhero, it’s a video game. Unless you do cosplay while high, but that never leads anywhere good as I discovered one bitter Halloween party many moons ago.

DISCLAIMER! The following games are presented in no particular order and are what I consider to be the top 10. You may feel differently. You may be right. You probably won’t be. Feel free to say so in the comments.

10. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom


The latest in a long line of crossover games, UMvC has large shoes to fill. And it does so admirably. With fun, flashy gameplay and a wide roster of characters from both sides, this game will help you decide the ultimate question…who would win in a fight between Dante and Rocket Racoon?

And just because it feels good to say it… Phoenix Wright! You know what I’m talking about.


9. Saints Row IV


Just when you thought Saints Row couldn’t get any weirder… it does! When aliens invade and you are put into a Matrix-esque virtual reality, you have to fight back against the invaders with superpowers. Oh, the madness that ensues! With powers such as super speed, telekinesis, forcefields, fire blasts, frost rays and lightning bolts, Saints Row lets you be the kind of superhero you want to be… although that invariably means you end up f**king Steelport up!


8. City of Heroes


It’s a MMORPG…where you can create your own superhero. NEED I SAY MORE? Not only is the character customisation extensive but you can pick multiple powers, design your own costume and even create your own backstory! With not only a wide variety of missions and villains to fight, you can team up with others and bring down the bad guys with your friends. Paragon City welcomes you as you take to the streets to fight crime…your way!

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