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Batfleck vs. The Supercritical Social Media

When in the superhero world did we start caring so much and being so judgemental in regards to who played Batman?

Aside from putting on a gruff voice and creating a shady character how much acting talent does the portrayal of Batman actually entail? After all, when was Batman ever about the talent of the actor, or the seriousness of the show? Are we forgetting the ‘WHAM BAM’ past of our original heroes?

Luckily for Ben Affleck I believe most (if not all) of the upcoming Batman vs Superman (2015) will be action packed, butt-kicking stunts that just leave you thinking ‘Oh my God, did that just happen?’.

The only issue I’m finding that with today’s actors all begging to provide their body for their own stunts Ben Affleck’s age isn’t exactly on his side; the forty one year old, 90’s dreamboat may well buff up to look the part but we have to consider the quickness of his punches, kicks and flying through the sky with his memory cloth cape.

To compare him to chisel chinned Henry Cavill is another story, a sin if that… but I will.

There’s no doubt in Affleck’s ability to star in and produce some brilliant films, but as much as we want the film to be Batman vs. Superman, I’m afraid in the critic’s eyes it will end up being Affleck vs. Cavill, in fact, I’m not quite sure who would have the disadvantage. We’ve recently sat in awe at Christian Bale’s interpretation of the new POW-er punching, butt whooping superhero and have been dazzled by Cavill’s shiny hair, boyish looks and unbelievably ripped ‘bod’. I only worry for this somewhat classic actor and hope that he can live up to his acting past. Cavill, however, has his work cut out in regards to acting talent. He strutted his stuff in Man of Steel, knocking both critics and audiences out for the count. Will he swoop in and help Affleck pick up any awards when the film is released?

What I’m more concerned with is if the characters will bounce off of one another or whether the chemistry between them will be shattered by our expectations. I can’t quite imagine the two meeting (as actors); the idea is actually quite foreign to me. I hope Zack Snyder  uses every advantage the two actors provide, the film itself needs to be written in the history books as one of the greats, and not washed away like I feel Green Lantern was. The movie itself has to be a non-stop fan factored thrill ride that makes you think, “Hey, am I Team Batman or Team Superman?”

I can only question how they plan to balance out the characters’ powers; if they really are going one on one it’s clear to see who has the slight advantage with flight, speed, strength, agility and oh, don’t forget that red hot laser vision, but for everyone that’s read (or even watched the recent animated film) The Dark Knight Returns, Batman does have a few little tricks up his sleeve. I wonder if Snyder and the writers will play with this? We can only hope, for Batman’s sake.
It is safe to say that all I know is that fans of both the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight will be salivating when this epic film is released in 2015, I among them, wearing nothing but a make shift memory cloth cape and some red speedos.

So I ask you, will you be attending the film with such questions? And how do you feel on the casting of Ben Affleck? Sound off below or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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