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REVIEW: Manifold Destiny

I’ll be honest, Manifold Destiny is something I would not usually read. I’m not online comics biggest fan but it would be unfair to pre-judge this too early and given the fact its the writer’s first online comic it’s easy forgive the amateur drawings. The concept of the comic is quite cool: a lonely superhero signs up to seek others with super powers. Think a single person signing up to a dating website but replace dating with super powers and villains. Every superhero has a evil villain to battle right? Ada Moss doesn’t. She goes on a few blind dates to try and find her evil arch nemesis, but as with normal dating websites it generates its fair share of weirdos! Ada’s misery worsens when on a causal drink with a friend, a superhero comes smashing through the window. Ada aches for that life and not of the normal 9-5 office job.

Ada decides enough is enough and she is simply wasting her powers in a office job. In a few hilarious panels we see Ada scrolling through what can only be described as villains in gimp masks! Generating comments like “Looking for a little fun baby” and “something a little x rated” rather than committing crimes. One of the weirdos looks like a cross between the Hulk and the creature from the Black Lagoon and quite simply wants too “fight da ass”; not the exact same thing as fighting crime. In a twisted turn Ada resorts to becoming a villain. Not the type to rob people but rather someone she describes as:

“A batman villain with cool catchphrases and super cool plots to hijack banks”

Much like the Riddler or Green Goblin, Ada goes for a crazy evil outfit. Unfortunately for her victims she goes for a PVC look complete with fish nets and DR logo upon her chest. Unlikely to strike fear in the hearts of her victims much rather provoke them into ridiculing her.

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With her first crime filmed and posted online, she is now receiving offers from heroes to become her arch nemesis. Sensing this is a new start for her evil ways she agrees to her first blind date to meet up with a man with a pink rose. Unfortunately, the date turns out to be a man in a pink rose suit! Devastated Ada quickly headed for the exit because if a man chooses to wear a pink suit as a secret identity whats he going to wear in his normal life? Seeing a superpowered couple making headlines and receiving the key to the city Ada decides to tell her boyfriend what she’s been doing these past couple of weeks. Slightly shocked Brian is more intrigued by Ada’s outfit rather than the crime she commits. Being a super villain’s Mary Jane has to have its benefits right?

Her new found online stardom leads Dead Ringer to be invited to a super group meeting. The meeting consists of such heros like Hot Shot Mike, Katie who has Lizard DNA and the mysterious B and Y. Ada becomes a instant hit when she uses her duplication powers to whip up another round of drinks for free. Not a bad use of her powers. Ada finally meets a superhero she can connect with: The Roboticist. Quite the loser superhero he regularly gets dumped by his sidekicks and was recently dumped over a flaming salad.

Not the worst storyline in the world, and there are quite a few laughs along the way. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens to Dead Ringer in future episodes of the series, and lots of questions still left unanswered. Who will Dead Ringer’s arch enemy be? Will DR ever have a sidekick? Will she ever find a costume that isn’t straight from a porno? And what role does Roboticist have to play in our story? I’m sure it’s bound to catch some reader’s attention and whoever continues to read the series won’t be disappointed.

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