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The 5 Most Ridiculous Possible Brides for Deadpool

As some of you may or may not know, Marvel’s Most Eligible Mercenary, Deadpool, is tying the knot this spring. While the Save the Date announcements have been sent, it still remains to be seen who the lucky lady is going to be.

The rumours have been flying, with everyone trying to guess just who is hiding behind the veil. We here at AP2HYC have decided to throw in our lot with five of our favourite possible brides for Deadpool. But, in true Deadpool fashion, we decided to pick the most outrageous characters we could think of to be Mrs. Wade Wilson!

5. Siryn


Perhaps the only realistic choice on the list, Deadpool and Siryn were on-again-off-again in some of his early appearances, and he definitely sported a long-time crush on the Irish X-Man. She seems like a fairly obvious choice in a love-interest for Deadpool, as the relationship would appeal to long-time fans. Personally, I just think it would be hilarious because Siryn never seemed to really like ‘Pool and most of the time was just putting up with his ridiculousness. Also, best to plug your ears during the vows, because the only thing louder than Siryn’s “I don’t!” will be father Banshee’s objection to this unholy union!

4. Mary Jane Watson


Remember that time Deadpool went back in time and pretended to be Peter Parker for a day back in the 1960s? Because I certainly do. Deadpool and Spidey already have a lot in common: wise cracks, red in their costumes. I think it would be endlessly entertaining to see Deadpool steal the heart of Spider-Man’s true love; and considering how many times we’ve seen a villain bust into a hero’s wedding, how great would it be to see a hero busting into an anti-hero’s wedding? I just can’t get the image of Peter swooping in and webbing MJ’s mouth shut just before she says “I do!” out of my head.

3. Blind Al


Blind Al is Deadpool’s hostage/housekeeper/confidante, an elderly woman who is essentially a mother figure to Deadpool and one of the few people who gets away with sassing him on a regular basis. There has always been a lot of fan speculation into why exactly Deadpool let’s Al live, and perhaps this could give us the definitive answer: love!

On the other hand… ewwwwwwww!

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