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RECAP: London Film & Comic Con 2014!

Whew! What. A. Weekend! This year was the biggest LFCC yet, and the AP2HYC team was there in force all three days (another first!). With this being Stan “The Man” Lee‘s last ever European signing appearance, there were nearly 50% more fans than expected. Fortunately, the AP2HYC team got a chance to see Stan at his press conference before the show. Other highlights included chats with David Lloyd, Rachael Smith, Ash Hewerdine and some of the Game of Thrones cast, a confirmation of Sherlock Series 5 at the Sherlocked talk, and lots of awesome comics! Let’s dive in!


We kicked off the event on Friday with the press conferences. First, Malorie Blackman answered questions about the Young Adult Literary Conference, being held for the first time ever at LFCC this year. Robert Knepper, Glen Morshower, and Terry Farrell were next, followed by Milo Ventimiglia and Jeff East. Ventimiglia answered my question about how he felt about the Heroes ending. He said that he was sad that the show “petered out” (got a big laugh) but that ultimately he was really proud of the show and felt that it had come full circle by the end. While he confirmed he won’t be in the upcoming Heroes Reborn, he did say he was looking forward to it.

Of course, the person everyone wanted to see was Stan Lee. Aside from not being able to hear any of the questions, Stan looked to be in great shape and witty as ever. He confirmed that he had just finished shooting his cameo for next year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and hinted that the scene included Thor himself Chris Hemsworth. He also joked that DC would make a lot more money on their films if they let him cameo in them too! Stan ended the conference by asking if anyone in the crowd knew the queen, because he wants to be made a knight. Maybe we can get #SirStanLee trending?


The AP2HYC team showed up around 10, and while some of us were able to get in right away with our press passes, a couple members of the team got caught up in massive queue outside. People were reportedly waiting 4-5 hours to get inside, and eventually they announced a “one out, one in” policy. Fortunately, everyone got in eventually and we had a super time!

We took some amazing photos, which will be popping up on our Twitter and Facebook pages all week. We caught up with some old friends, made some new ones, and picked up plenty of comics.

Will and I went to the Sherlock talk with Sue Vertue, Mark Gatiss, and Steven Moffat. While all the questions about Series 4 were met with the simple answer of “Watch Series 4”, we did get a few interesting tidbits. Perhaps most importantly, Gatiss let slip that there are plans for Series 5 (although at their current pace, we might not see it until 2018). He also said that he hardest part of setting the show in the modern day is making Sherlock relevant in the world of CSI and forensics. Meanwhile, Vertue admitted to having barely read any of the original stories, and Moffat says that Anderson is the only one who doubts the answer we were given about how Sherlock faked his death. Whether or not the TARDIS was involved could not be confirmed.


Senior Interviewer Grace hit LFCC on Sunday and lived up to her title! She got interviews with David Lloyd, Rachael Smith, Ash Hewerdine, Neil Gibson, Lewis Terry, Hameed Catel, Finn Jones, Kate Dickie, and more!  We’ll be posting the interviews all week long, so stay tuned.

If you were at LFCC, send us your pictures or tell us which one of ours you were in to enter our costume contest!

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  • Friends of mine were in the queue from 8.30 to 3.30! The amount of sunburn on show was insane! It was cool to meet your team at the show 🙂

  • Hey! You took a photo of my & my girlfriend at LFCC (A Daenarys Targarean & Tyrion Lannister) & gave us your card. Cool site! But i can’t find the photo…?

    • If it’s not on the site, it might be on our Facebook. We’re actually still sorting through all the photos we took!