REVIEW: Diaries Of The Invasion

There have been countless numbers of stories about alien invasion on Earth, both as a peaceful tale of comedy and a bloody war of horror between 2 species.  Diaries of the Invasion by Jeffery Thompson gives us a story we think we know, but delivers something with a twist that works in the end. The entire story takes place as a diary entry by a man named Jeff who witnesses a group of aliens called “Eons” come to Earth and negotiate with world leaders. However, the Eons take over the majority of the world and take Jeff as a prisoner. Now, right from the start the story may seem a bit cliché: the invasion from one man’s perspective, the attempt to make peace and the eventual takeover of the planet. What pulled me into the story as a strong supporting aspect was the artwork of Aaron Foster. The creative blend of each color does not give off the standard color of just black, white and everything in between. Instead we get a smooth form of what seems to be paint/watercolor at times backed by shaded detail of what happens when you have nothing but mixed colors to work with. Absolutely incredible stance of art!

Through a passage of narration and not over-complicated dialogue, which benefits the reader to understand what exactly Mr. Thompson is telling us at the moment, Jeff informs us how his being captured has impacted his view on not seeing the ones he loves ever again. It’s the essence of being born all over again into a new world, one that you once lived in and now is almost entirely unrecognizable. He soon befriends a doctor named Lindsey who informs him that the war between Humans and the Eons had ended over 100 years ago. We see a flawless picture of what looks to be New York City in shambles with The Statue Of Liberty floating in the river off the coastline. Once again, props to Mr. Foster for the mesmerizing flow of color and sways of tribute to what can be described as a painting!

“Eenx,” an alien who Jeff has labeled to be his mentor on the ship he is on, informs him of a powerful energy that is needed for them. Now realizing that he’s become more of a guinea pig than a prisoner, Lindsey becomes tired of the way he is being treated and prepares a plan for Jeff to go back to Earth….which isn’t against the rules according to the Eons! This is where Mr. Thompson switches gear from automatic to manual. We as the reader get to start to envision just how shape-forming the story is becoming to be something that we thought it was going to be to clearly be a conclusion that we won’t be able to guess before finishing the story itself. Interesting concept; either a story starts out with twists and turns right out of the gate or we get lead down a path that is straight with no surprises.

Back on Earth, Jeff goes through literal hell. Nightmares, wondering, meeting accomplices who he has trouble accepting, and one heck of a battle sequence!  Finding the energy that the Eenx informed Jeff about, Jeff has one last confrontation with Lindsey about leaving Earth. It is here that we realize that she has taken over his diary that we have been following all along. The transition is smooth and subtle, yet mind blowing when the story concludes of her saying that she will keep his diary safe until he returns. Overall the story is gripping and well written, leaving us wanting to know what will happen in the future.

Will we have to make up our own ending or will we get an official second act? Address the folks at LuchaComics by leaving a comment below on how you feel about wanting to know more!

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