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Top 6 Reasons It Would Suck Being A Mutant

Let’s face it: most of us who grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons or reading comic books imagined being one of the X-Men. Can you blame us? In a world full of superheroes and supervillains, how awesome would it be to live as a mutant with the power to walk through walls or to read minds? Being a mutant sounds like it would be awesome!

But what many people fail to realize is that the grass is always greener on the other side. While we watch or read about the X-Men and think it would be cool to have certain powers like flight or teleportation, we often miss the bigger picture: being a mutant (at least, in terms of Marvel’s mutants) would kind of suck. 

6. Your Powers May Overcome You

Ultimate_Torch_h1 (1)

Congratulations – you now have the ability to read minds. What are you going to do first? Probably talk to your crush and see what they’re thinking about you. But wait – that person not only doesn’t like you, they also can’t stand you and think you’re a jerk. Ignorance really is bliss, but how can you enjoy that bliss if you’re stuck with the ability to read people’s thoughts? It’s like you’re living in a world where people no longer hold back their opinions of you. Think you can handle it?

5. You Will Become Popular (But Not In A Good Way)


When you find out that you can fly or that you can teleport, you may want to keep it a secret. Then you start letting your friends and family in on the truth. Next thing you know, you’re on talk shows and the news, showcasing your abilities. This might seem cool for the first few months, but eventually, you’ll grow tired of being a sideshow exhibit. You’re still a human being, but it’s hard for people to realize that when you can shoot fire from your hands or you can turn into ice. You can try your hardest to remain incognito with your powers, but it’s only a matter of time before news leaks and you find yourself caged up in a zoo where people throw peanuts at you until you do a trick for them.

4. People Will Ask For Help

rsz_1this_ones_gonna_fly (1)

There is this one episode of Spongebob Squarepants where the titular character gains the ability to fly. It seems like a great power at first, until people start asking him to take care of menial tasks like cleaning the garage or massaging an old man’s scalp. This is all done for the sake of comedy, but it’s a sad representation of what it truly would be like to have powers. People will ask you for favors all the time. You can conjure fire? Heat up this burger for me real quick. You have super strength? Help jack up my car so I can change the tire.

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