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Age of MCU: 6 Actors/Actresses Who Deserve a Shot at a Marvel Film

Like a kid in a candy shop, we’re going to explore six actors/actresses who desperately need to be seen in a future MCU entry. Advanced warning however – this isn’t a bucket list of which actor would be best suited with which Marvel character. Rather, there’s a wealth of mainstream talent out there that Marvel would be suckers to not at least try and convince them to come on board a future superhero flick.

Let’s have a look then at six of those talents who we’d love to see cut their chops via suiting up in spandex, wrapping a cape around themselves, and soaring to the skies as additional characters in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.


6. Harrison Ford

rsz_indyh (1)

By all accounts, Harrison Ford is still very much alive despite his recent aerobatic misadventures, so let’s fantasize a little. Ever since Robert Redford gave us a delightfully smoky performance in Captain America: The Winter Solider, the door appears to have been blown wide open for classic action/adventure stars to appear in Marvel films.

Granted, Ford is the more action/adventure than Redford, but doesn’t that just make him the perfect candidate? Going from the Sundance Kid to Han Solo seems like a perfectly legitimate route for me! Go on Harrison, if no-one wants you for future Indiana Jones films, Marvel will surely welcome you with open arms!


5. Michael Caine


When I say Michael Caine, I don’t mean the Michael Caine who played the endearingly warm Alfred – I mean the Michael Caine we saw back in the 1960’s, when Caine was playing unlikeable protagonists such as Harry Palmer in The Ipcress File and the titular scoundrel from Alfie. It’s true that such films as Kingsman: The Secret Service have dropped hints at how the former Caine had a knack for playing the most devious characters and giving them an engrossing spin, and such a style would be what we’d want to see should he join the Avengers.

I mean, let’s face it – if Samuel L. Jackson, who’s contract with Marvel is now running short, ends up getting gunned down in Age of Ultron, wouldn’t Michael Caine be the perfect replacement for him? You KNOW it makes sense!


4. Lacey Turner

rsz_lacey-turner1 (1)

Don’t be too ashamed if you don’t recognise this actress. If anything, you may be ashamed if you DO know this actress. Lacey Turner has spent much of her career playing the mouthy yet adorable Stacey Branning in Eastenders, but unlike many soap actors who appear to be one-trick ponies, she’s had an impressive and versatile career in a short space of time.

Leaving the soap in 2010 gave way to a bunch of well-received performances in supernatural dramas (Bedlam, Switch) and tough war-based action (Our Girl), showing that Turner isn’t with out skill. Additionally, given that fellow Eastenders cohort Ben Hardy is set to join X-Men: Apocalypse and that Sam Strike was rumoured to be playing the MCU Spider-Man (for about five seconds) soap operas are looking to be the garden where actors are plucked for Hollywood superhero stardom.

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